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The FusionSearch module provides three options of searching: Gene pair-wise, Gene-wise and Chromosome-wise.

In the Gene pair-wise search mode, fusion gene pair can be given as input, in the format of Headgene--Tailgene. For example, CCDC6--RET where CCDC6 would be considered as head gene while RET as tail gene. On querying, the annotation for CCDC6--RET fusion gene would be retrieved. User can input one or more fusion gene pairs, one pair per line, allowing for batch annotation. An option is provided for users to search head or tail genes separately, in case where annotation for fusion gene pair is not found. In such cases all fusion events involving either head (e.g. CCDC6) or tail (e.g. RET) genes would be reported. An option is also provided to visualize gene fusion events in a form of a Circos plot.

Search by Fusion gene pair

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In case fusion gene pair not found, search for individual gene (Head/Tail).

Generate Circos plot for fusion events.

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